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Dr.Derek Mulcahy is an experienced Orthodontist in Cork located at Broadale Dental Practice. We provide Orthodontics treatments for Children and Adults.

Orthodontics and how it works

Orthodontics (from Greek orthos “straight or proper”; and odous “tooth”) is the specialised branch of dentistry, dealing broadly with improving the positions of the teeth and jaw bones.

The aim of Orthodontics is to produce better functioning teeth and more attractive smiles. For comprehensive orthodontic treatment, most commonly, metal wires are inserted into orthodontic brackets, which can be made from stainless steel or a more aesthetic ceramic material.

The wires interact with the brackets to move teeth into the desired positions.

Invisalign Type Orthodontics

Other methods may include invisalign type Orthodontics. Invisalign type Orthodontics consists of clear plastic aligners that allow you to realign your teeth without others seeing how your teeth are moving.

Orthodontics Treatments Available at Broadale Dental

  • 6 month braces
  • Fixed applicances
  • Invisalign type Orthodontics
Example of orthodontic treatment on model of teeth

Working with an Orthodontist

An orthodontist can help you to achieve better alignment in your teeth and prevent issues arising from teeth not being straight. Straighter teeth will produce a nicer smile and give you more confidence as a result.

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